To help our aging loved ones in Boca Raton stay positive while staying at home AstraCare provides positive and upbeat in-home senior caregivers with experience. Our caregivers are dedicated to helping our in-home senior clients stay in their homes and stay positive. 

Even before COVID-19, many seniors staying at home struggled with social isolation. The need for experienced and professional in-home senior caregivers has always been important. There are many ways for seniors staying at home to stay positive and boost their positive outlook with professional in-home care providers from AstraCare. In fact, something as simple as smiling can boost your mood no matter what! Studies have shown that the act of smiling can trigger the release of pain-killing, brain happy endorphins, and serotonin. Not to mention it’s actually easier to smile and takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. 

Studies have shown that approximately 85% of older Americans want to “age in place,” or live-in home for as long as possible. Our aging loved ones have spent decades making a home, filling it with memories and the things that they love: It is familiar and comfortable. It’s no wonder that seniors who stay at home have statistically thrived much longer than those who go to a facility. These days there are so many specialty products like medical alarms, grab bars, enhanced lighting, stairlifts, elevators, and adjustable beds and chairs and so much more that can help make in-home senior care the best choice possible. Staying home and staying positive can help boost immunity and provide a slew of mental and physical health benefits.

Another very important reason for seniors to obtain the best in-home care in Boca Raton is that they are more at risk to catch COVID-19 if they stay in a facility than they are with professional in-home caretakers. There are so many ways that AstraCare can help our clients stay positive and stay home, and we have five-star reviews to prove it! 

The Best In-Home Senior Care In Boca Raton: Five Star reviews

At AstraCare we know that any business in Boca Raton needs to have five-star reviews in order to succeed. Many of us have become reliant on reviews to influence most of our decisions these days- and for good reason. Online reviews provide the transparency we need from local Boca Raton businesses and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

At AstraCare we are proud of our satisfied clients and have consistently high ratings. Here are some of our recent five-star reviews for the best in-home senior care in Boca Raton:


  • “My husband has an aide from AstraCare. They offer total care like dressing, showering, preparing his meals when I’m not home, getting him dressed, and giving him his medication. The caregiver is excellent, very empathetic, patient, and good. We haven’t had any problems.”


  • “A great place for your loved ones! My family has entrusted AstraCare with our loved ones for years and we’ve never been disappointed. They go out of their way to make sure we are comfortable and informed about our loved ones. I would highly recommend AstraCare as your Boca home health!”



  • “Very pleased with AstraCare’s service in Boca Raton. My grandparents are getting older and it was finally time to get them additional help. Tanija and her team truly made sure my grandparents were comfortable and safe. They’re being taken care of very well. Thank you so much.

The Best Way To Care For Your Aging Loved One: In-Home Senior Care

The best way to care for your aging loved one is with in-home senior care from AstraCare. Around the clock supervision for seniors is too much for most families to take on, but thanks to AstraCare you have an even better alternative! With AstraCare you can take care of your aging loved one in the best way possible. We provide professional in-home caregivers for those that need some extra help with senior living, without sacrificing their independence. 

The caring team at AstraCare will go above and beyond to ensure the safety and comfort of the people who need them most. AstraCare was founded to provide unparalleled home healthcare to clients in Boca Raton South Florida and has built a reputation of being honest, trustworthy, and reliable.  We are committed to providing peace of mind and a better quality of life for you and your loved ones.

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