Everyone needs help sometimes. As our loved ones advance in age, there may come a time where they will need medical assistance or help around the house on a regular basis. Perhaps you have a loved one who suffers from a chronic disease or is disabled. They may require attention on a daily basis. In either case, you and your loved one will have a decision to make, but what are the options?

While hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes have been the dominant options for many years, there are risks and constraints with each. Ones that not only affect the quality of life for your loved one, but could also put them in harm’s way.

There are many benefits to home healthcare, perhaps some that will resonate with you and your personal situation. If that’s the case and you are interested in learning more about home healthcare services, AstraCare can help. Feel free to contact us at any time at (844) 811-4401. Benefits of home healthcare include:

Reduced risk of contracting a deadly infection: A recent report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that in 2011, an estimated 722,000 patients contracted an infection during a stay in an acute care hospital in the U.S. Of those patients, 75,000 of them died as a result. An unfortunate reality of hospital care is exposure to infection. With so many patients, it is not uncommon for a variety of bacteria to be present. Also, hospitals are often short staff and dire mistakes can happen. One of the most deadly infections that may be contracted in a hospital setting is a central line infection. This happens when bacteria gets into the central line IV of a patient, either because a nurse changes a dressing or through the administration of medication. Through the IV, the infection moves into the bloodstream and throughout the body. 250,000 central lines become infected each year causing an estimated 62,000 hospital deaths in the U.S.

Home healthcare provides a safer environment in which the healthcare provider has the time and space to focus on the needs of a singular patient and ensure that adequate precautions are taken to prevent infection.

Individualized Custom Care: With home healthcare, you get a licensed and highly qualified professional coming to your home who can assess your needs and create a custom plan to ensure proper care. Because it’s one-on-one care, they have the time to ensure that doctor’s orders are adhered to and that your medication schedule is followed. They can also monitor your progress.

The companionship that home healthcare professionals give can’t be understated as well. The National Institute of Mental Health noted that nearly 16 percent of suicide deaths were individuals over 65 years of age. Home healthcare professionals can fill the gap left by adult children or neighbors moving away.

Less expensive than other care options: Hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes are expensive and their costs are rising. The average nursing home stay costs between $6.500-7,500 per month. A night in a hospital in Florida costs around $2,000. Without building and staff overhead, the cost of home healthcare is much more affordable. The quality of care and one-on-one attention makes it a great value.

Your home is a more comfortable place: Last, but certainly not least, is the comfort of the home setting. People are just more comfortable at home. The sounds and surroundings are familiar. You have more access to your friends and family. You feel like you’re in control. That comfort may seem like a small thing but when you are dealing with a difficult time in your life because of illness or aging, every little thing helps.

AstraCare’s in home health care professionals can provide a variety of services including 24-hour care, medication management, and respite care. To learn more, visit our contact us page or call us at (844) 811-4401.

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