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Benefits of having a therapy dog:

  • Quality of Life – Interacting with animals reduce the stress aging adults may experience as they move through life transitions.
  • LonelinessSeniors report less loneliness, increased social interactions, and an overall improvement in their quality of life with pet therapy.
  • Depression and Anxiety – Pet therapy has been linked to reductions in depression. The elderly shows the greatest improvements, including those seniors with cognitive impairment, disabilities, and or suffering from mental illness.
  • Cardiovascular Health – Research has shown that pet therapy can lower blood pressure, lower heart rates, and improve recovery time during mental stress in older populations.
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease – Pet therapy for patients with dementia can provide memory stimulation and calm negative behaviors such as agitation.


“Woof Woof! My name is Bentley, and I am eager to meet you!”

I am an Australian Labradoodle and my birthday is January 30, 2014. I work at AstraCare as a therapy dog and I love my job! I visit our clients in hospitals and nursing homes to provide joy, affection, and encouragement.  I love meeting new friends and making you smile. So, if you would like me to visit you, please call the office and the humans will make all the arrangements.

Love, Bentley

Pet therapy for seniors can boost their well-being and improve their physical, mental, and emotional functioning. Interacting with a kind and affectionate animal can lower people’s stress levels and help them become more active. This can be immensely helpful to those struggling with loneliness or dealing with health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, chronic pain, or dementia.

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AstraCare Therapy Dog Bentley

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