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Feeding Tube Care

A feeding tube provides nutrition directly into the stomach when a person is having problems eating and swallowing. The feeding tube nutrition is most likely canned and provides nutritional formulas which will vary depending on the age and medical condition of the person. In addition to canned supplements there are meal replacements which are called Blenderized or “Real Food” diets. The Real Food pureed meals can be used if a person is able to digest real food but should only be used to replace 1-2 cans of supplemental diet daily. Feeding tubes ensure daily nutritional requirements are digested and absorbed directly into the GI tract.

Before inserting any liquid or puree into the feeding tube it is imperative to make sure the feeding tube is still safely positioned in the stomach. An AstraCare trained professional will make sure you understand how to safely check the tubes placement. Once it is determined the feeding tube is safely positioned rinsing the tube with water clears any old sediment or debris and starts the next feeding.

AstraCare’s skilled team will help the patient and their loved ones manage tube feedings safely and independently at home.

An AstraCare professional will observe for any of the following complications

  • Feeding tube clogs
  • Bleeding or infection at the tube insertion site
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Gastric Reflux and/or regurgitation
  • Gastric leakage
  • Tube feeding intolerance

A feeding tube clog is the most common complication to occur; reasons including a small-bore feeding tube, slow administration rate, sticky sediment that can accumulation inside the tube, as well as improper administration of mediations through the tube. AstraCare’s trained professionals will teach you how to safely clear the clog or will notify your doctor if needed. The most serious complication can be “Failure to Thrive” and the doctor should be notified immediately.


Once you make the decision to go with the highly skilled team at AstraCare our Registered Nurse will be involved with all aspects of care. You and your loved one will have access to our AstraCare RN who holds extensive medical expertise and can answer your medical questions or help you find the proper ways to resolve medical issues as they arise. This is available to you as part of our in home care service. The AstraCare RN is accessible by phone 24 hours-a-day or for in-home visits. A nursing assessment, history and medication review is provided. A Plan of Care is done by the RN in conjunction with the doctor and left in the home for easy access to health information. AstraCare’s RN can help find and make appointments with specialty doctors, set up medication boxes and provide comforting support to you and your loved one. At AstraCare, you are not alone during this time and our RN can help you navigate through the journey.

AstraCare RN Supervision

Once you make the decision to go with the highly skilled team at AstraCare our Registered Nurse is involved with all aspects of care.


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