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Post Hospitalization Care

How AstraCare can help you Post-Hospitalization:

As we get older there is an increased risk of hospitalizations, many of these can be life changing and recovery should be the first concern. Studies suggest that having an In-Home recovery can speed up the healing process. Upon discharge AstraCare will establish a skilled, caring team of professionals to help with the transition and support all in-home care needs safely and confidentially. The AstraCare care-provider will work to prevent further injury or falls and make sure healthy meals are prepared following all dietary guidelines. During the recovery and convalescence, the AstraCare team of Professionals will provide a safe environment which is conducive to a speedier recovery.

AstraCare’s team of Professionals will:

  • Make any necessary adaptations to your home in an effort to provide safe, unobstructed pathways and obstacles
  • Arrange any additional rehabilitation personnel such as physical, occupational or speech therapists
  • Follow up with doctor/medical appointments and set calendar reminders
  • Provide transportation for all appointments.
  • Assist with personal hygiene, dressing and grooming
  • Run errands, do grocery shopping, drop off and pick-up prescriptions
  • Healthy Meal Planning, preparation, serving and feeding if needed
  • Monitor Daily Hydration and encourage adequate fluid intake
  • Be observant to any signs of change and contact the appropriate medical personnel or family immediately
  • Provide support, comfort and encourage social activities
  • Light housekeeping, bed making and laundry.
  • Daily medication management and reminders
  • Transfers, daily exercise routine and overall mobility management

A private assessment will be done by our RN who will then establish a personal plan of care and medication sheet focusing on the individual needs that are necessary for a speedy recovery.

With AstraCare you are not alone; your AstraCare team is available to answer any questions or help deal with issues of concern, 24/7.


Once you make the decision to go with the highly skilled team at AstraCare our Registered Nurse will be involved with all aspects of care. You and your loved one will have access to our AstraCare RN who holds extensive medical expertise and can answer your medical questions or help you find the proper ways to resolve medical issues as they arise. This is available to you as part of our in home care service. The AstraCare RN is accessible by phone 24 hours-a-day or for in-home visits. A nursing assessment, history and medication review is provided. A Plan of Care is done by the RN in conjunction with the doctor and left in the home for easy access to health information. AstraCare’s RN can help find and make appointments with specialty doctors, set up medication boxes and provide comforting support to you and your loved one. At AstraCare, you are not alone during this time and our RN can help you navigate through the journey.

AstraCare RN Supervision

Once you make the decision to go with the highly skilled team at AstraCare our Registered Nurse is involved with all aspects of care.


Our professional, friendly staff members are standing by to give you the best choice in personalized care available. Now you can enjoy care the right way with AstraCare. Contact us at (844) 811-4401 to schedule your in-home care with AstraCare.
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