We’ve all been there. You wake up in the middle of the night in full panic – maybe worrying about your job, family, or anything else on that to-do list you have. Perhaps it’s a little different for you, you find yourself overeating when you’re extremely stressed, or not being able to get to sleep because of racing thoughts. No matter how it manifests itself, anxiety and stress is real for many Americans. The Anxiety and Depression Association reports that at least 40 million Americans are affected by anxiety. So we know this has to be fixed, but how?
Approximately 80% of our worries don’t amount to anything real. Boy, would I love to get 80% of my worrying time back, wouldn’t you?
So how can we work on mindfulness?

Breathe – it might seem silly but seriously just try concentrating on deep breaths. You’ll be amazed what concentrating on breathing in and out will do. Before you know it, whatever you’re worrying about will be put into crystal clear perspective again.

Exercise – it will allow you to concentrate on your body rather than whatever is troubling you. Even if it’s just a short walk, concentrate on every step you take. You’ll suddenly be preoccupied with each step and how you’re feeling grounded rather than the cloudiness that Anxiety causes.

Release tension – squeeze your muscles then let go. Concentrate on first your toes then move up your body, tensing then relaxing. Again, your mind will go to the reality of how at ease your body is feeling rather than concentrating on worries and doubts that likely will never become reality.
Did you know that mindfulness has been linked to healing powers for Alzheimer’s, Loneliness, and Depression?

You will be amazed how just a few tips will lead to increased happiness that can transform a struggling period into an amazingly positive lifestyle!

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