It’s unfortunate, but as our parents or loved one’s age, they may need additional assistance with basic everyday tasks. We all have busy lives to lead and sometimes we just don’t have the training and time needed to be our aging loved one’s primary caregiver. There also may be circumstances where you live out-of-town or simply have too many work responsibilities or family obligations.  At AstraCare, we offer in-home health care with the most caring professional providers. If it is impossible to provide the care and assistance your loved one needs, especially if she or he needs help with everyday tasks such as preparing meals and dispensing medications, AstraCare is here for you! Our exceptional home care managers are dedicated to assisting you in finding the best care possible for your elderly parents or loved ones. Once you call our office, we will begin with a full assessment of your parent(s) so that we can determine his or her best caregiver fit. All of our professional caregivers are vetted and background checked by our management team and offer the highest quality senior home care in Boca Raton. Our team includes skilled and certified Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s), Registered Nurses (RN’s), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) and Home Health Aides.

What are my options for Senior Home Care in Boca Raton? 

Your beloved parent cared for you for so many years and watched you grow into the wonderful adult you are now. It’s not uncommon for a child of a senior parent to be caring for his own growing kids and his or her elderly parents at the same time. At AstraCare, we help you care for your parents so that taking care of your own family doesn’t suddenly become a burden. Our compassionate team recognizes and encourages the strong family connections our clients have and hope to continue to foster them through our work with your loved one. We know that each person’s needs and family dynamic are different and getting to know you and your family is very important to us. During our first meeting, we will provide an assessment to help learn more about the needs of your loved one so that we can better serve them. There are many options to choose from when it comes to senior home care in Boca Raton. And at AstraCare, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality care and services. Some of our options include:  

  •           Medical care management – Our nursing staff and medical professionals provide 24/7 help with medication and medical or health-related needs.
  •           Transition care management – Perhaps your loved one is ready to leave the home and go to an assisted living or nursing home facility. We offer assistance in finding a suitable facility for your loved one.
  •           Home care management – Our home caregivers make your life less stressful. Worrying about your elderly parent or loved one can be trying. At AstraCare, we believe in offering your loved one the independence he or she needs in their safe, comfortable home environment. Our compassionate senior home care professionals will help you with basic errands; take you to doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping and help with all hygiene needs.

Why are we the leading senior home health care service in Boca Raton?

At AstraCare, your loved one’s daily freedom is our utmost concern and the reason for our business. In working with one of our senior health care managers, you’ll soon discover what makes AstraCare the leading senior home health care provider in Boca Raton. Our professional compassionate caregiving team assists your loved one with everything needed to live in the safety and comfort of their home for however long they need. So, why not call on AstraCare for all your senior home care needs in Boca Raton. Finding the right full time help for your parents or loved one is just a phone call away. Call us today at (844) 811-4401 for a free consultation.  See how our AstraCare team can help make life easier and less stressful for you and your loved one.

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