Home is a safe haven that means comfort and security for ourselves and the people will love. For some of us home is more than that, and it becomes the place we are bound to when we can’t maneuver as freely as we’d like. If you’ve noticed that your elderly parent isn’t interested in leaving his or her home as often as they used to, then they may be embarrassed to tell you that they are unable to or have difficulty doing so. Once seniors reach a certain age they may experience more health-related issues; they may tire more easily, forget things, and find that they lack the energy to leave the house as often as they would like. 

It’s not uncommon for your elderly parent to require additional assistance with many of the daily chores that they once managed with ease. They may need help with medication, dressing, bathing, cooking, and daily errands or transportation to doctor’s appointments. While there are numerous assisted living facilities and nursing homes in South Florida, research shows that most seniors would prefer to stay in their home in their golden years. At AstraCare, our experienced in-home health care managers are here to help coordinate your loved one’s transition to one of our compassionate certified caregivers. Our patient care team will help facilitate your parent’s smooth transition to senior home care in South Florida. They will help you navigate the entire process.

Our goal is to match your parent with the perfect caregiver. 

At AstraCare, we’d like to think that our extensive screening process will help you find the ideal caregiver for your elderly parent.  We have a wide range of exceptional health care agencies and services that we utilize daily. This assures that you get the very best certified in-home health caregivers to match your elderly parent’s needs and more. Your loved one’s safety and health concerns are our priority when we match you with a caregiver. Extensive background checks are performed, all necessary credentials are checked and just to be safe—every reference is double and triple checked. We strive to provide your loved ones with the very best senior home care in Boca Raton. 

Living out the golden years with dignity and compassion.

Do you sometimes wonder if you are doing the right thing by providing senior home care for your elderly parent? There is no shame in admitting that you don’t have the time or resources to help and care for your elderly family members the way you would like to. That’s one of the reasons why AstraCare was created. To help ease some of the burden of elder care for family members. AstraCare’s team of compassionate in-home care professionals are highly trained to provide for every aspect of your loved one’s daily routine from medication, cooking, and hygiene services to companionship and Alzheimer’s care. If you’re looking for in-home care for your elderly parent, call to speak with one of our care managers today at (844) 811-4401 to discuss your parent or loved one’s needs.

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