No one wants to face the realities of our parents getting older. It’s hard to watch as basic tasks around the home become more difficult for them to manage on their own, or as their health begins to deteriorate. Aging is a natural part of life we are lucky to get a chance to experience; it can also add stress and strain on the people we love.

Facing the realities of caring for an older parent can be confusing and comes with difficult decisions: Do you keep mom at home, or move her in with a family member? What about an assisted living facility or retirement home? How do you know who to trust with the care of your loved one?

For most older Americans, staying at home and maintaining independence for as long as possible is ideal. Being home provides a sense of comfort and autonomy that makes the transition into later life stages easier to cope with.

Give mom the freedom she deserves in her twilight years—here’s five things to look for when hiring in home health caregivers in Boca Raton.

Licenses and Certifications                                                                                                         

Not everyone has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the level of care your aging parent requires for a long and healthy life. Adult home care isn’t a babysitting job, it requires one to understand how aging affects the mind and body and how best to assist with new limitations. Licensed and accredited home caregivers in Boca Raton can assist with medication management, safety, and basic day to day tasks like grooming, cooking, and transportation. Beyond these tasks, home healthcare providers can provide medical support including monitoring nutrition, blood pressure and heart rate, and overall wellness so you can rest assured that your loved one is well cared for.

The home caregivers at Astra Care are licensed and accredited to provide the services you and your family need.

Medical and Non-Medical Services

What does your parent need help with most? If mom is struggling with household chores or staying on top of appointments, a caregiver focused on providing in-home assistance is perfect for allowing her to stay independent and comfortable at home. If she has a chronic health condition that is affecting her ability to safely reside on her own, a home health care provider with medical experience and certifications is the ideal solution. Knowing exactly what your parent needs can help guide you in choosing senior home care in Boca Raton.

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Time Commitment

How much care does your parent need on a day to day basis? Do they need someone to stop by a few days a week to check in and help with menial tasks, or round the clock care? Determining this first will help you narrow your options. From services that only provide care during your work hours to a live-in aide, Astra Care has someone to fit your needs. We can grow and adjust with you to ensure your changing needs are also met. Whether you need a single caregiver or a rotating team, we’re here to help!


As your parents age, their care needs may change. Chronic health conditions like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia require specialized care. Be sure your chosen provider of Alzheimer’s home care in Boca Raton is capable of meeting these specific needs. From maintaining safety in and out of the home to providing medical support, you should be able to trust them to keep your parent’s needs as top priority.

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While researching home health caregivers in Boca Raton, be sure to read reviews from current and previous clients. These will help you understand what you can expect so far as quality of care, professionalism, and overall satisfaction. You may also consider asking for recommendations from other family members or friends who can help you find someone to fit your specific needs perfectly.

At Astra Care, we let our clients speak for us! Read the testimonials of our beloved clients, then contact us today to discuss how we can help you!

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