As your parents get older, it’s natural for them to need additional help. If you’re unable to provide the support and care they need daily, it can leave you feeling guilty and overwhelmed. But there is quality help available for your parent and this help transitioning to senior home care is easy with AstraCare. 

AstraCare’s transition care management team empowers seniors to stay safely in their homes whenever possible. Our team will assess your parent or loved one’s situation and make recommendations based on their daily routines such as medication needs, hygiene needs, socialization and entertainment, eating regimes, exercise, and the need for one-on-one interaction. Our experienced care team consists of licensed registered nurses (RN’s). 

We provide the most experienced compassionate caregiver for your situation.

Perhaps your elderly parent or loved one needs help with grocery shopping, meal preparation, light housekeeping, transport to doctor’s visits, or family events. Our senior home care service in South Florida covers it all. Providing caring, dedicated caregivers who love what they do. You can rest assured that AstraCare’s in-home care team has the right caregiver for every situation. 

Not only are we in touch with you every step of the way, but we will also serve as your loved one’s advocate and emergency contact if you happen to live abroad or are out of town frequently. An experienced home-care representative will be assigned to assist with the screening and selection of your caregiver. From medication management to food shopping and preparation to transportation and escort services to dinners and other events, AstraCare provides top-notch senior home care services throughout South Florida.  

What can you expect from a home care assessment?

At AstraCare, we make a difference in your life. We know that finding the right care for your parent is essential, and it is a big decision. We pair you or your loved one with caring, compassionate caregivers through our thorough screening assessment process. It is our goal to employ only the best of the best, and all of our caregivers are thoroughly screened. During the home assessment, our nursing care manager will:

  • Document all your parent’s medications  
  • Outline your parent’s medical history
  • Assess your parent’s physical and cognitive status
  • Assess your parent’s surrounding for home safety  
  • Put together an action plan for your parent
  • Take into account any special needs like Alzheimer’s

The assessment will typically take about ninety minutes to complete. After the assessment, we will contact you in a few days with our findings and provide a list of recommendations and an action plan for your parent. This care plan can help you decide what is best for your parent. You can take the time you need to talk it over with your family to decide the next step. Our nursing care managers will also be here to answer any questions you have and help advise you in any way possible.

Are you ready to learn more?

Our senior home care in South Florida provides clients and their family members with peace of mind. AstraCare empowers you or your loved one to stay safely and comfortably in their own home for as long as possible. Though there are alternative options and facilities, many people have found that staying in the home is the best solution. 

At AstraCare, providing the best in-home health care in South Florida is our priority.  With AstraCare’s compassionate and dedicated nursing team by your loved one’s side, you can rest assured that they will get the help they need with everyday situations and more. Our senior home care service in Boca Raton is the smart choice for your elderly parent or loved one. Call AstraCare at (844) 811-4401 for a free consultation today.

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