1. Fall in Love! Whether you’re rekindling the flames with your life-long partner, sparking a new love, or maybe falling in love with a new hobby you’ve taken up, fall in love over and over again! Did you know that love reduces risk of high stress levels?
  2. Get more Sleep! How are you supposed to feel your best if you aren’t spending the time to recharge your body? Did you know that sleep helps your body repair any ailments you have?
  3. Avoid sugar! We definitely understand having a sweet tooth, but it turns out sugar is the villain behind wrinkles and aging in general. Ditch the sugar and you’ll be looking and feeling way better.
  4. Learn a New Language! Exercise is not limited to physical activities. Mental exercise is just as important, and it’s been reported to prevent aging. Learning a new language is a perfect way to work out that brain!
  5. Stay Hydrated! Did you know that drinking extra water can actually help your heart? The heart is one of the most important yet least taken care of parts of our bodies as we age.
  6. Go Swimming! Get in the pool; whether it’s for water aerobics or swimming laps, it doesn’t matter. The exercise is amazing and the water prevents too much pressure on muscles and joints.
  7. Walk! Grab a group of your best friends and hit the sidewalk. There’s no reason to do too much damage to your knees with running – walking will do the trick and get you moving and feeling amazing in no time.
  8. Go Shopping! A new wardrobe can give you a new perspective. Do a fashion show for yourself and get some new clothes at your favorite shop.
  9. Stretch! Exercise is great, but don’t forget to stretch. Stretching will make that workout so much more effective and you will feel ready to move again much faster than otherwise.

Age is just a number, and that’s something important that we have learned at Astracare. Feeling “young” is all relative – what’s really important is feeling like the best you. Being healthy and taking care of yourself can delay or even prevent some of the less fun parts of aging and leave you having more fun than you have ever had before.

What’s your favorite way to feel amazing? Let us know your recommendations in the comments section below.

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