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As we age, our bodies just can’t protect us from injury or illness as efficiently as it once could. However, does that mean that you should be forced to stop living independently? AstraCare believes that everyone deserves the level of personal freedom and independence that they have always enjoyed. Even as patients age or develop health issues, we think that you should still be able to live at home. Before you wind up agreeing to enter into a nursing home, care facility, or other freedom-limiting care services, we offer a better option. In-home health care can be a reality for you!

Home Health Care Services

Health care providers are quick to suggest hospital stays, nursing homes, and other facility-based approaches. However, as more research results emerge, it is recommended to discharge patients back home instead. Too often, care providers don’t concern themselves with a patient’s mental needs. Instead, they only focus on the physical aspects of healthcare. Instead, we focus on keeping our patients engaged, comfortable, and independent as much as possible. When you need to continue living life the way you’ve always have, you need our staff to assist you.

We offer a variety of in-home based health care services, keeping you where you prefer to be while still receiving expert care. Call today for the best choice in Boca Raton, FL, care choices:
  • Breathing, Blood Pressure, and Heart Rate Monitoring
  • In-Home Safety Auditing
  • Care Coordination with Loved Ones
  • Medication Management
  • Injection Management
  • And other personal care solutions.


There are several reasons to choose home-based health care, especially for aging patients or those who have mobility difficulties. When help comes to you, it can provide more peace of mind and simplicity to your life. Going to standalone healthcare facilities can be dangerous, especially with a compromised immune system. You may wind up catching something else entirely as you attempt to find a solution to your current concerns! Home-based care solutions also help to remove the stress of everyday life. When care comes home to you, you never have to worry about wasting hours in a waiting room or missing necessary doctor appointments. Proper home health care providers will keep you safe, comfortable, and on top of your daily medication needs. With a personal home health provider, all your needs are taken care of from the comfort of your home!

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Your daily freedom is essential, and our care providers reflect that. By offering you the best choices in personalized care, you can enjoy your independence in a safe, reliable manner. Our professional, friendly staff members are standing by to give you the best services possible. Now you can have the healthcare service options that you need from the providers that you deserve each day. Contact us today to schedule your home-based service. You’ll be glad that you did! To learn more about in-home health care services with AstraCare, visit our contact us page or call us at (844) 811-4401.
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