Insurance Claims

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If you need to process a claim for services on your Long Term Care policy, we can help make this easy and stress free. We have years of experience working with LTC companies and know how to expedite the process for your convenience.

Insurance Claims

Our qualified team has a great deal of experience in submitting and processing your Long Term Care Insurance claim. From experience we know that this process can be overwhelming.

We will work together with you. so that you understand the process step by step. We will collect all the necessary documents from your doctors and submit your claim for you.

Insurance claims can be complicated and frustrating if not done correctly and your benefits may be delayed or compromised. We will explain your benefits to you clearly and accurately as not all policies are the same. There is great value in implementing your policy correctly so that you may enjoy maximum benefit.

Whether filing paperwork, speaking to an insurance representative or interpreting your policy, AstraCare has the expertise and knowledge to make this process effortless and efficient.

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