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Home Health Care Delray Beach

Delray Beach, FL, has long been a favorite place to retire without being far from the glitz and glamour of Miami. Stunning beaches, a metropolitan downtown, and coastal living draw residents from all around the world.

But what happens when you need personalized caregiver services? Finding a home health care provider that you can trust can feel impossible.

As a result, it may be recommended to leave your life behind and settle for assisted living or in a nursing home. However, at AstraCare, we believe that there is a better solution.

Rather than giving up your freedom and independence, our staff offers the better option for in-home health care. Whatever your exact medical needs may be, our friendly and dependable staff are there for you each day.

When you need the best in Delray Beach home health services, you need us to assist you. Speak to us today to discover how we can provide you with the best care possible.

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Delray Beach Home Care

Whatever type of at-home care that you may be looking for, we offer the most comprehensive care services in Florida. We have already been servicing many communities throughout the state, and we are ready to assist you.

Our staff is trained, licensed, and insured to tackle any health concerns or needs that you have. From living your day-to-day life better to more severe care needs, we offer them all.

  • Non-Medical Care Services
  • Medical Caregiving
  • Wound and Injury Care
  • Daily Medication/Injections
  • Health Monitoring
  • Pain Management
  • Nutrition Monitoring
  • Safety Auditing
  • Short-Term Care
  • Long-Term Care
  • And more ways keeping you comfortable in your own home.

We strive to be your complete home health care services. Whatever you may need to continue enjoying your freedom and independence, we are ready to offer it. Contact us to receive the best in-home care in Delray Beach. We are ready to assist you with your health concerns for however long you require us.


Far too often you hear stories on the news of nursing homes who don’t treat their residents with respect and care that they deserve. Why should you wind up as one of these victims when you can enjoy continuing to live life the way you’ve always enjoyed? Family members may feel pressured to remove you from your home, feeling as if it is the only way to give you the care that you should have. However, at AstraCare we believe that our patients should come first.

Today, people are living longer, more fulfilling lives than ever before. As medical advancements continue to advance, the need to move into an assisted care facility is no longer a rash decision. We strive to keep more patients living at home while still receiving the care services that they need. When you have a personalized care agent assisting you at home, you can continue enjoying living at home without worrying.

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Our staff has been helping Florida patients just like you in receiving the level of care that they need. We are the experienced team of caregivers, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, aiding you with whatever you may need.

Home Care in Delray Beach

From daily medicine reminders, trips to the store, or even just continuing to live independently, we want to solve all your needs. Contact us today for the best choice for local Delray Beach home health care services.
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    As we age, our bodies just can’t protect us from injury or illness as efficiently as it once could. However, does that mean that you should be forced to stop living independently? AstraCare believes that everyone deserves the level of personal freedom and independence that they have always enjoyed. Even as patients age or develop health issues, we think that you should still be able to live at home. Before you wind up agreeing to enter into a nursing home, care facility, or other freedom-limiting care services, we offer a better option. In-home health care can be a reality for you!

    • Non-Medical Home Care
    • Medical Home Care
    • Wound Care
    • Intravenous Needs
    • Illness/Health Monitoring
    • Daily Nutritional Needs and Monitoring
    • Pain Management
    • Breathing, Blood Pressure, and Heart Rate Monitoring
    • In-Home Safety Auditing
    • Care Coordination with Loved Ones
    • Medication Management
    • Injection Management
    • And other personal care solutions.

    Respite Care Services

    Quality respite care is among the most critical decisions in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, it is also a significant umbrella term that can mean any number of things.Because of this, finding the respite care that you or your loved ones’ needs can be trying. Not all respite care gets offered equally, and different providers have different ideas of what you should receive. Instead of winding up with a poor-quality service provider, AstraCare offers the best in personalized respite care services. Whatever your exact needs may be, we have the solution for you. If you require respite care, we encourage you to contact us today. We offer the attention that you deserve for the health needs you expect every single day.

    • Home Mobility Needs
    • Developmental Care
    • Daily Personal Chores/Routine Care
    • Basic Self-Helps Needs
    • Health and Hygiene Needs
    • Adult Day Care
    • Special Needs Care
    • Friendly Visitor Programs
    • Homemaker Services
    • And much more.

    Alzheimer’s Home Care

    Whether you need help for a few hours a day or your loved one requires 24-hour care, you can rely on AstraCare to provide Alzheimer’s home health care services that can enhance their quality of life. Our team of certified Registered Nurses (RN’s), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) and Home Health Aides can provide compassionate and professional care to loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a common form of dementia that negatively impacts areas of the brain that control memory and language. Today, as many as 5 million people in the United States suffer from varying stages of Alzheimer Disease. The initial symptoms may be as minor as forgetting names or recent events, but as the condition progresses, the Alzheimer patient may wander, become anxious or even act out with aggression.

    • Assisting the patient with dressing & grooming.
    • Aiding the patient in communication.
    • Improving eating habits with healthy meal planning and preparation.
    • Enhancing home safety by implementing measures to prevent wandering or driving.
    • Providing the much-needed respite care for family members who may be the primary care providers for the Alzheimer’s patient.
    • Providing clients and family members/caregivers with information regarding Alzheimer’s support groups, clinics, etc.
    • Provide social engagement

    Insurance Claims

    Our qualified team has a great deal of experience in submitting and processing your Long Term Care Insurance claim. From experience we know that this process can be overwhelming. We will work together with you. so that you understand the process step by step. We will collect all the necessary documents from your doctors and submit your claim for you. Insurance claims can be complicated and frustrating if not done correctly and your benefits may be delayed or compromised. We will explain your benefits to you clearly and accurately as not all policies are the same. There is great value in implementing your policy correctly so that you may enjoy maximum benefit.

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    I am registered with “Share-A-Pet”. Share-A-Pet” is a free service offered by trained and insured volunteers and their certified therapy dogs. We visit hospitals, nursing homes, and children’s centers to provide joy, affection and emotional upliftment.

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