At AstraCare, safety for the elderly is one of our HIGHEST Concerns. Abilities may change as we age but we can still be active and safe!  Plus, life hacks are for everyone and it may be time for some new ones.  We put together a list of hacks for you!

  1. Non-skid socks are a MUST for everyone with tile or marble floors. We found an option that is both comfy and practical!  Find it here: Amazon
  2. The anti-slip movement doesn’t stop there. An anti-slip mat for your tub will make shower/bath time so much safer!  Find one here: Amazon
  3. Getting out of bed can be way harder than it looks. A bedside railing can make all the difference.  You can find one here: Amazon
  4. jar opener is a life hack that is ideal for any age. No need to struggle.  This especially comes in handy for those with arthritis! Find it here: Amazon
  5. No need to bend over with a sore back or reach too high anymore with this nabber. Get yours here: Amazon
  6. bathtub chair makes even the most elderly feel at ease! You can find one here: Amazon

We love life hacks.  The services we provide act as hacks on their own!  Stay tuned for more hacks that will make your life that much easier.

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